Connectivity Unleashed

Achieve unparalleled connectivity with Crab Networks. Our IP Transit solutions are the backbone of a network that seamlessly adapts to your business needs, providing speed and reliability that drive your digital success.

IP Transit and Tunnels for your network

Bring Your Own IP

Bring your own IP space and announce it across our global network. We support IPv4 and IPv6.

GRE / WireGuard Tunnels

Create secure tunnels between your network and our global network using GRE or WireGuard.

BGP Sessions

Establish BGP sessions with our global network and announce your IP space to the world.

Low Latency

Our global network is powered by multiple Tier 1 transit providers and peering exchanges.


Our global network is protected by multiple layers of DDoS mitigation. We offer up to 12Tbps protection.

SLA Backed

We offer a 99.9% uptime SLA on our global network and services. We're always here to help.

Works with your technologies

Seamless Networking Starts Here